Ep: 32 Peter Trippi – Art Connoisseur

September 18, 2019 EPISODES


Our hosts Marshall, Dina, and Tun go back to art history class in this conversation with the wealth of knowledge that is Peter Trippi. Peter is the Editor-in-Cheif of the Fine Art Connoisseur magazine and he speaks on his time spent as director of the Dahesh Museum of Art, how artists are chosen to be featured in the magazine, and what form he believes the art market will take in the future.

"At the time of recording, Peter talks about the Figurative Art Convention and Expo from 2018, but if it's something that piqued your interest, they are having another one this year in Williamsburg Virginia. You can find all of the dates and details about it on their website here: https://figurativeartconvention.com/"

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