Ep. 18 – Wright Harvey – Founder of Sugarlift Gallery

September 17, 2018 EPISODES


Wright Harvey, entrepreneur and founder of Sugarlift Gallery talks about truth, technology, and good gallery ethics.

Sugarlift's Philosophy:

We believe that collecting art should be fun, easy and more affordable. With so many amazing artists all around us, we should all have access to original art.

Sugarlift's founder, Wright Harvey, has been interested in visual arts since he can remember. After moving to New York, he would spend nights and weekends checking out gallery and museum shows and carrying around his sketchbook.

One day at an art fair, Wright started thinking about all of the things that didn’t make sense about the art world.

Why is original art so hard to collect?

Why do prices seem to not make any sense?

Why is there no hospitality in the art market?

Why does the frame cost more than the art???

There were too many whys to deny and in 2014 Sugarlift was born!

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Sugarlift_the original Sugarlift gallery space in Bushwick
Sugarlift_Wright Harvey in front of gallery wall 2
Sugarlift_Open Studios2
Sugarlift_Bushwick_Street Photography Opening Party
Sugarlift_Affordable Art Fair_Spring 2016

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