Ep. 13 – Origin Story 2 – New Host, New Season

July 14, 2018 EPISODES


New host, new engineer, more great guests... a lot is going on at Art Grind, and we wanted to give our listeners an update as to the changes. We're very excited to have one-time guest and long-time friend and colleague Dina Brodsky on as our third host alongside Marshall Jones and Tun Myaing for this new phase of the Art Grind Podcast. As we witnessed during her interview, Dina is an exquisite storyteller -- having devoted the better part of her life to the investigation of the eclectic -- as well as an incredible painter. Having traversed the dotted landscape of the New York art underbelly, she's also a remarkable socialite and interviewer. In upcoming Art Grind episodes, listeners will get to hear Dina's input on the experiences and stories of all kinds of personalities in the art world. In this installment, we take some time to reiterate Art Grind's mission, what it means to us, and what we're hoping to accomplish looking forward.

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