Ep. 05 – Maria Kreyn – Enigmatic Rebel

March 15, 2018 EPISODES


"Is an artist a product of their environment or are they simply an invention of their own complex personality traits? Nature versus Nurture, which came first, the artist or everything that artist has experienced. Probably both.  Maria Kreyn is a classically academic painter with roots in Russia and the U.S., who combines esoteric allegory with a streak of the romantic philosopher/poet is a self-educator who’s background includes studies in mathematics and philosophy at the University of Chicago (2008) and painting and drawing at the Angel Studios in Toronto (2004) and the School of Representational Art in Chicago (2004-2005). "

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The gang
"Eva's hands", oil on canvas, 26x34
"Eva's hands", oil on canvas, 26x34
Maria's studio
Maria's studio
Maria Kreyn in her studio. Photo by Matt Edge
Maria Kreyn in her studio. Photo by Matt Edge

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