Ep. 11 – Alessandra Maria – Iconographer and Iconoclast

June 16, 2018 EPISODES

  “We got a chance to talk to Alessandra about her beginnings as an artist in New York, her new life in Maui, and the drive behind her work — challenging traditional representations of the feminine, learning from sacred traditions, and always studying up on theory. Drawing from various lines of inspiration as the spatiality of snow, Islamic geometry, and walking ten miles to look at a Klimt, Alessandra takes us through her journey as an artist and a person,Read More

Ep. 10 – Fay Ku – Myth and transformation

June 6, 2018 EPISODES

  “What do you get when you cross images of sexual bondage with lush, botanical illustration and mythical/fairytale references of transformation? Give up? Well, artist Fay Ku has some answers for you, but first let’s take a look at where she’s coming from. Born in Taiwan, Ku came to the States at the young age of three. Ku studied Literature and the Visual Arts at Bennington College (1996) and earned an MS Art History and an MFA Studio Art fromRead More

Ep. 09 – John Wellington – Come nearer the fire

May 15, 2018 EPISODES

  “Verging on the obsessive (a necessary trait if one is to produce a body of work) Wellington’s totemic imaginary worlds have been the subject of solo and group exhibitions from New York City to Paris, France. They have been shown at the Centre Georges Pompidou and most recently at the now defunct but memorably dynamic Lodge Gallery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan (Temple Tomb Fortress Ruin, 2017). We explore his youth, growing up in NYC in theRead More

Ep. 08 – Dina Brodsky – Tales of Ordinary Madness

May 1, 2018 EPISODES

  “Brodsky talks to us about her own particular point of view on the art scene and recounts hilarious tales of her early artist vagabonding years. The list of characters could well populate a Fellini movie. Small in stature her will to forge on and champion the art she believes in is huge and her stories of failing forward are inspirational for any artist struggling in the daily art grind.” Natural Proclivities, May 24th – July 27th, 2018, Curated byRead More

Ep. 07 – Marc Dennis – The Darc Mennis

April 15, 2018 EPISODES

    “And in this corner, we have the heavyweight fighter of paint slinging… Marc Dennis. Dennis is a champion in the realm of hyperrealistic painting, duking it out every day in the studio apply a rigorous work ethic that produces mind bending detail and realism that goes beyond representation into the superreal. His floral still life paintings are a vivid homage to the Dutch still life painters of the 17th century and speak to the abundance of our era.Read More

Ep. 06 – James Adelman – Nocturnal Perambulations

April 1, 2018 EPISODES

  “James Adelman brings us an enlightening revelation of his process, life, the universe and everything. Have a listen to Adelman as he unpacks his journey into meditation and gives us a view into his nocturnal perambulations. James is a graduate of the New York Academy of Art (2014) and also attended the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2010. His paintings and drawings have been shown at the Lodge Gallery on the Lower East Side and Flowers Gallery in theRead More

Ep. 05 – Maria Kreyn – Enigmatic Rebel

March 15, 2018 EPISODES

  “Is an artist a product of their environment or are they simply an invention of their own complex personality traits? Nature versus Nurture, which came first, the artist or everything that artist has experienced. Probably both.  Maria Kreyn is a classically academic painter with roots in Russia and the U.S., who combines esoteric allegory with a streak of the romantic philosopher/poet is a self-educator who’s background includes studies in mathematics and philosophy at the University of Chicago (2008) andRead More

EP. 04 – Peter Drake – The Man Who Wears Many Hats

March 1, 2018 EPISODES

  “Drake discusses his relationship with his gallery, Linda Warren Projects, his friendships, and the thinking behind his uncanny, dystopian representations of popular culture of 70’s while reflecting on the myth of suburbia. Listen to the end to hear the secret of his success.”  Be sure to go check out Peter’s show at Bernarducci Gallery after listening to this show. The opening is on March 1st (6-8pm) NEW PRECISIONISM PART 2 GROUP EXHIBITION Bernarducci Gallery *New Ground Flr Location 525Read More

Ep. 03 – Jennifer Gennari – Long Island’s favorite daughter

February 14, 2018 EPISODES

“Long Island’s favorite daughter, Jennifer Gennari, has 74.7 k followers on Instagram. The numbers don’t lie. Gennari is a talented painter of lions and tigers and bears, oh my (ok, well not bears—yet.). Her beautifully empathetic portrayals of animals, furry and feathered, has indeed garnered her much popularity, but there is more to this book than what is on the (Instagram) cover. With a background in illustration from her studies at the Ringling College of Art and Design, Gennari combinesRead More

Photo by Allison Joyce

Ep. 02 – Jason Patrick Voegele – Renaissance man of the art world

February 1, 2018 EPISODES

” From his early days growing up in South East Asia to his role as founding member of Republic Worldwide and his current role as a part of a curatorial team that runs the Lodge Gallery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Voegele explains his philosophical and curatorial ethos as well as his own personal worldview.  Voegele regaled us with tales of his auspicious birth, his time as a gymnast and musician as well as his own artistic endeavors.Read More

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